Read Later Process

I use Pocket to store my “read later” articles that interest me as I peruse my Twitter timeline or browse the web.  I’ve written about this process in the past.  I tend to hoard articles for later reading; it’s a personal flaw that I readily admit.  Unfortunately, between work and owning a toddler, I’ve noticed my read rate is much lower than my save rate.

I probably need to revisit this process and figure out (a) how to thin out the bulk of articles I’ve saved and (b) how to be more efficient when deciding to save them.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and all that.

Pocket Unread Articles

As of this morning, I’m still at about 5000 unread articles, which is where I was a month ago when I noticed this is getting out of control.  In other words, I’m reading at roughly the rate I’m saving but not making any measurable process into the backlog.

Also, why doesn’t Pocket let you see from within the app how many articles are stored?  It shouldn’t require a workaround in the JavaScript console to determine this.