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It took some time for me to rule out Toodledo. In all honesty, I think it’s one of the more GTD-oriented and powerful solutions available.  I do want to call special attention to the fact that this application handles Next Actions in a manner consistent with the way GTD tasks should flow.  This has been a pain point for me in my current system Doit, and the one I felt was its closest competitor.  With Toodledo, there is no status assigned to a new task, leaving the user to identify and set the status of the true Next Action.

The web platform is built on HTML5 but doesn’t permit some of the simple drag-and-drop operations its competitors support.  Still, all of the task attributes can be set by a click or two of the mouse and you can email tasks directly to your inbox as a collection method.  The shortcoming is obvious if you need to edit multiple tasks at one time; dragging them to a context or a status is not an option.

Despite having acquired a fairly decent Android app recently — it has a 4.2/5.0 rating — they are in the process of raising crowd-funding dollars to improve it further.  There have long been third-party Android apps that integrate with it, but each of the ones I tried have their own shortcomings.  In the end, there’s no native Windows or Mac app, so web access is required to use it from a laptop.


  • One of the most GTD-ready implementations on the market.
  • Supports capturing ideas (as notes) or forming ideas into outline format for later digestion.
  • Supports subtasks, which many people find beneficial for task management, though this does require a paid account.
  • In multi-line format, the display of tasks takes up more room that in list format, but you can adjust virtually everything about tasks without having to dive into other screens.


  • No Windows or Mac apps, meaning that access to task list only works from a laptop if internet connectivity is available.
  • While the UI is easy to use quickly, it is not pleasant looking.  If you like a cool interface, chances are you’ll be underwhelmed with this one.  To be fair, this shouldn’t really matter.

Let’s see how the features compare against my list:

ContextsContextsYes, customizable
Quick-AddPut tasks into my inbox either directly to the app or via email, being able to quick add is a plusYes
Move TasksMove tasks directly to projects from inbox with shortcut keys (as opposed to having to cut, browse, paste)Yes
GTD HierarchyOrganization hierarchy must include Projects > Tasks > Contexts > TagsYes
Focus AreasI wouldn’t mind having another higher level of organization above projects, either as drawers to file projects in, areas of focus, or nested project folders as these things would let me separate Work, Home and Personal projectsNo
DelegatesAssign tasks to delegates (this was done as free text or from a contact on TodoMatrix, which was nice)No
GTD StatusesUse of standard GTD task statuses (Next Action, Waiting, Someday)Yes
Due DatesSet a deadline/due dateYes
Delegate Due DatesSet a deadline by which a delegate needs to complete a Waiting For taskNo
RemindersSet at least one reminder for the task (TodoMatrix allowed up to three reminders for the task and one for the delegate’s due date)Yes
Recurring TasksCreate recurring tasksYes
Task OrderingOrder tasks (preferably by drag and drop)No
Google SyncSync with Google Calendar is a nicety, but it’s not something I really need or even know for sure I would useYes
NotificationsSome sort of notification badge to let me know that I have tasks aging outYes
ViewsTime- and context-based views so I can review all items due within three days, or all past due items, or all items with @phone contextYes
SearchSearch functionality to find tasksYes
Search FiltersCreate and save complex search queries and viewsYes
Multi-platformMulti-platform availability (Web, Windows, Mac, Android) that allows for both cloud storage and offline updates from appNo
OfflineUpdate task list locally while offline for sync laterNo
WindowsApplication that runs on the Windows platformNo
MacApplication that runs on the Mac platformNo
WebApplication that runs on the Web platformYes
AndroidApplication that runs on the Android platformYes
iOSApplication that runs on the iOS platformYes
Free TrialTry the application for free for a period of time (days)Yes
SubscriptionCost of subscription or Premium/Pro account$30/yr

User Interface

For some reason, the UI didn’t really jive with me, and while this may sound shallow, I just didn’t like the way it looked.  Ultimately, the interface is great for updating individual tasks and each of its important attributes though.

If your primary usage is going to be via web with some reliance on a mobile app, you’ll probably have the accessibility you need.  If a well-developed and extremely capable system is more important to you than the way it looks, and you are a strict practitioner of GTD who wants a system that supports it masterfully, Toodledo is likely your best bet.

Developer: Toodledo



2 thoughts on “GTD Review: Toodledo

  1. Toodledo and Bitrix24 are the best free productivity tools IMHO. Toodledo for solo tasks, Bitrix24 for group tasks

  2. Nathan, I’ll look at Bitrix24. I’ve actually never heard of it. I really do like Toodledo, I just wish it were available offline from my laptop.

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