Busy Month

It sure has been a busy New Year so far.  January was especially hectic as we started to pack for our move to North Carolina in a few weeks.  In addition to this, I headed down to Orlando to get my Scrum Product Owner certification, which involved a two-day course in managing product development in a Scrum environment.  I’ve worked for several years as a product owner in agile development environments and I’m already a Certified ScrumMaster, but this was a more appropriate credential to add to my resume.

During this same week, I was trying to finish up my Evernote Certified Consultant training program which involves about 30 hours of training and sales/marketing content development in an online group setting.  This enables me to help organizations interested in implementing an Evernote-based solution and gives me access to a number of resources that Evernote provides exclusively to its consulting partners.

I earned a promotion at work to Senior Director, which was approved and went through a couple of weeks ago, which was nice.

Now I’m in the process of reorganizing my side business to focus more on business process consulting and productivity coaching.  I’m actually trying to decide whether it would make sense to get a coaching certification, but I kind of need a break.  Oh yeah, and I still have to pack and move to North Carolina!