About Me

Rim of the World

View from the Rim of the World just outside Yosemite over the Tiogo Pass

I’m a 47-year-old IT professional living in Holly Springs, North Carolina.  I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida.  I’ve spent the last decade and a half in the outsourcing industry working in various Operations, IT and Product Management roles in the HR BPO and health insurance industries.  In my current role I oversee teams of business architects, financial analysts and project managers. I’m a Six Sigma Black Belt and a process quality expert. I work far too many hours.

Prior to this I’ve worked in law enforcement as a police dispatcher and a reserve police officer.  I miss the excitement of this type of work; I don’t miss the hours or working the weekends/holidays.  I definitely don’t miss the pay.

I was born in Titusville (home of Kennedy Space Center) but we only lived there until I was two.  I’ve never really known any other place than Jacksonville with the exception of a few years in Carlisle, Pennsylvania when I attended Dickinson College.  I was a double major studying biological psychology and anthropology.  I loved the Dickinson campus though I was not particularly happy at the College.

I live with my wife, Jen, who also attended Dickinson.  We have two Boston Terriers, Jackson and Olive, which we adopted in mid-2013 after losing our first Boston Terrier, Clancy.  In August 2014, we added a baby boy, Brian, to our family.